Linux process limits: setrlimit

Linux limits

  • RLIMIT_AS: maximum size of the process’s virtual memory in bytes.
  • RLIMIT_CORE: Maximum size of core file.
  • RLIMIT_CPU: CPU time limit in seconds.
  • RLIMIT_FSIZE: Maximum size of files that the process may create.
  • RLIMIT_LOCKS: Combined number of flock() locks and fcntl() leases
  • RLIMIT_MEMLOCK: Maximum number of bytes of memory that may be locked into RAM.
  • RLIMIT_MSGQUEUE: Limit on the number of bytes that can be allocated for POSIX message queues
  • RLIMIT_NICE: Ceiling to which the process’s nice value can be raised
  • RLIMIT_NOFILE: Value one greater than the maximum file descriptor number that can be opened by this process.
  • RLIMIT_NPROC: The maximum number of processes that can be created
  • RLIMIT_RTPRIO: Ceiling on the real-time priority
  • RLIMIT_SIGPENDING: Limit on the number of signals that may be queued
  • RLIMIT_STACK: Maximum size of the process stack in bytes

Not implemented in Linux