Install Fusil

Install Linux packages

Install from source code

Download source code

Stable version:

See also Fusil on Python Package Index (PyPI)

Fusil 1.3 depends on Python 2.5+ and python-ptrace 0.6+.

Download the last version (developer version) with Mercurial:

hg clone

You can also browse Fusil source code.

Fusil dependencies

Optional dependencies:

Running on Windows:


Fusil uses the user “fusil” and the group “fusil” to run child processes to avoid remove an arbitrary file or kill an arbitrary process.

Type as root:

./ install

Or using sudo program:

sudo python install

Projects dependencies

Each project may require external program or special environment:

  • Linux operating system: linux_ioctl and linux_syscall projects are specific to Linux
  • Mplayer program: needed by mplayer project
  • MySQL server and MySQL command line client: needed by mysql project
  • etc.

Try fusil

You can use Fusil without installation by changing PYTHONPATH: Fusil module have to be part of PYTHONPATH. Go to Fusil parent directory and type:


Then you can use any fuzzer. Example: