Fusil events

An event can only be sent once in a session step (eg. you can not send session_stop event twice).


  • application_done(): Fusil is done (exit)
  • application_interrupt(): Ask Fusil application to stop
  • application_error(message): Fatal Fusil error


  • project_start(): Creation of the project
  • project_stop(): Ask to stop active project
  • project_session_destroy(): Destroy session and create a new session if we are not done


  • session_start(): Creation of a new session
  • session_stop(): Ask session to stop
  • session_done(score): End of the active session, score is the final session score
  • session_success(): The session is a success, sent at the end of the session
  • session_rename(‘name’): Rename the session: all names are joined using ‘-‘ separator to rename the session directory


  • aggressivity_value(value): New aggressivity value with -1.0 <= value <= 1.0


  • process_create(agent): New process created
  • process_stdout(agent, filename): Filename of the process stdout
  • process_exit(agent, status): Process finished (exited or killed by a signal)
  • process_pid(agent, pid): Attached process identifier


  • mangle_filenames(filenames): Generated filenames